Effects of Human Pheromones

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Effects of Human Pheromones

A number of pheromones and pheromone-like substances have been isolated in humans, and have been shown in scientific studies to have an affect on a variety of human behavior and hormonal processes.
Whether these effects are 100% “true” pheromone reactions or not is an interesting point and worthy of further investigation, but is a moot point to the perfume industry.

The effects of pheromones may be modulated by the sexual experience of the target and/or by the extent to which the target’s VNO is still functional, but the fact is that a number of controlled human studies have shown that pheromones both natural and synthetic/supplemental do affect our social behavior, and a growing mountain of raving pheromone product testimonials also support these findings.

Furthermore, I have yet to come across even one pheromone study that has failed to show some significant effects from pheromones, and until that happens there is little alternative but to assume that pheromones work.

What follows are abstracts of controlled studies showing a relationship between supplemental pheromone use and human behavior.

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